Green Roofs

Jet Mulch Inc. blows on compost to maintain the California Academy of Sciences Living Roof with their 300 foot, 4 inch diameter hose, powered by an Express Blower Truck. San Francisco, CA.

The California Academy of Sciences new building opened on September 27, 2008 and was designed by Architect Renzo Piano.

Soil as Insulation

The Living Roof has a six inch soil substrate that acts as natural insulation. Annually it is designed to keep approximately 3.6 million gallons of rainwater from becoming stormwater.

Jet Mulch Inc. was contracted to add a fresh layer of compost to maintain this insulation layer and add nutrients to the tapestry of 1.7 million native plants growing on the 197,000-square-foot rooftop.

The use of the Express Blower truck with its long hose made this job much easier than doing it by hand with wheelbarrows and an elevator or crane. It only took three days to delicately apply over 150 cubic yards of customized compost over the entire surface of the green roof.

For more information on The Living Roof, visit the California Academy of Sciences web site.
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